Biological Manure Treatment

Groundbreaking Swiss technology for a sustainable solution to the manure problem

Bluetector's BlueBox Ultra has been specially developed for the purely biological treatment of manure and biogas digestate and works according to the same principle as a municipal sewage treatment plant: the liquid nitrogen is converted into elemental atmospheric nitrogen in the bioreactor. The nitrogen in the liquid phase is reduced by an average of 95%.

This means that about 30x more manure and about 60 - 100x more biogas digestate can be spread on one hectare.



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Turnkey systems for manure treatment


Bluetector offers turnkey plants for the treatment of manure and digestate. The treated effluent water only contains traces of nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus and is optimally suited for the irrigation of fields and arable land. Since the maximum values according to the DüMV are complied with, the runoff water can be used for irrigation without additional treatment. Only a fraction of the arable land required for slurry is still needed for environmentally compatible application.

Treatment with the BlueBox Ultra for manure and digestate eliminates the need for expensive and environmentally damaging slurry transports, where animal feces often have to be transported over hundreds of kilometers.

The treatment process developed and patented by Bluetector is based on a purely biological treatment with microorganisms from classic sewage treatment technology. No chemicals are required to maintain the biological degradation processes. Therefore, the Bluetector process is extremely environmentally friendly and sustainably protects soil cultures and groundwater reserves.


The low-cost solution for high nitrogen loads

The steadily increasing overload of manure and biogas digestate has been one of the central problems of agriculture for years. On the one hand, more and more regions no longer have enough arable land to spread all the manure produced every day without polluting the environment too much with nitrogen, mostly in the form of nitrate.

Laws and regulations for manure handling and storage are tightening.

The immense cost of manure storage and transport, which is usually the only way to properly dispose of manure and biogas digestate, is overstretching the capacity of more and more livestock farms. Every year, farmers sometimes have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on this.

However, there is a solution to the manure problem: the BlueBox Ultra from Bluetector. Bluetector's process not only significantly reduces the amount of arable land required for spreading, but also significantly reduces the pollution of groundwater and the emission of greenhouse gases - all at a price that is much lower than having to transport the manure over hundreds of miles.




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