Purely biological manure treatment

About Bluetector

Bluetector is unique: there is no other comparable low-cost manure treatment technology in the world that can match ours, and there is no other company that has the potential to make such a lasting impact on global agriculture in the coming years as we do.

Bluetector is a Cleantech company that has developed a novel, cost-effective biological treatment process for wastewater with extremely high nitrogen loads. This includes manure and biogas digestate as well as wastewater from mobile toilet cabins. Bluetector has already been granted a patent for the BlueBox Ultra. Further applications for patents are pending.

The BlueBox Ultra was originally developed to treat the highly concentrated wastewater from mobile toilet cabins.

Bluetector AG is a privately held company with headquarters in the Technopark Lucerne in Switzerland. The engineering of our systems by highly qualified engineers as well as the production of the BlueBox is centrally managed from the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland, while we employ experienced technicians and specialized maintenance engineers on site in our main markets.

Experts for Sewage Treatment

Who we are

The management of Bluetector has almost 40 years of professional experience in wastewater treatment, starting from planning and construction to monitoring, consulting and operation of wastewater treatment plants.

We understand the problems our customers have with their manure or fermentation residue, while they have to manage their farms with constantly increasing demands. Manure is our passion and we are here to help you.


Dr. Stelios Papadopoulos

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dr. Stelios Papadopoulos is an environmental specialist. Since April 1991, he has been Managing Director of Intergeo (Hellas) Ltd in Greece, which employs over 70 people in Thessaloniki and in Athens. He received his B. Sc. from the Faculty of Chemistry of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki and a Doctorate in Organic Chemistry from the same faculty. He completed advanced postgraduate studies at the Technical University of Munich in the field of Physical Organic Chemistry.

He has worked as a project manager in the following areas, among others: Environmental and hydrogeological research studies, investigations of soil and groundwater quality, decontamination methods, environmental risks, studies on the proper disposal of liquid and solid waste, environmental audits of industrial plants, and geological and geotechnical studies.

Frank Lamparski

Chief Executive Officer
and Senior Engineer

Frank Lamparski has studied at the Vienna University of Technology and, as a structural civil engineer, has been responsible for the planning and execution of public and industrial structures for over 30 years. As an overall planner and senior construction manager, he has managed and successfully completed numerous large-scale projects from planning to commissioning.
Due to his many years of experience in wastewater treatment and process engineering, Frank Lamparski is today the head of the research team at Bluetector and together with his team, responsible for project development, planning and realization of the BlueBox Ultra wastewater treatment plants.

Stefan Bucher

Member of the Board of Directors

Stefan Bucher is the founder and principal owner of CORUM Asset Management in Zurich, one of the largest and most successful independent asset managers in Switzerland.

Stefan Bucher has his roots in a family of farmers who raise pigs in the canton of Lucerne and therefore knows from his own experience the problems farmers face with regards to manure.

His personal main objective is to have a Bluetector system installed as soon as possible on a farm with pig breeding in Switzerland, possibly even in the canton of Lucerne, as this is where around 30% of all pigs that are raised in Switzerland live. 


Our Investors