On-farm system for Manure Treatment Bluetector

Big article in leading German agritech magazine about Bluetector’s groundbreaking manure treatment system

Bluetector News

Profi, one of the leading publications for professional agricultural technology in Germany, has published a multi-page report on Bluetector’s pilot plant for the treatment of manure and biogas digestate. This is the first report on Bluetector in a renowned professional journal.

Dr. Anja Böhrnsen, editor at Profi, is the author of the article. The photos were taken by Stefan Tovornik.

You can download the complete article here (article is in German language): On-farm system for Manure Treatment

On-farm system for Manure Treatment Bluetector

On-farm system for Manure Treatment Bluetector

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About Bluetector
Bluetector AG is a Swiss-based cleantech company that offers wastewater and sludge-to-energy products and services. Its main product is the BlueBox Ultra, a containerized treatment system for problematic and difficult wastewaters that contain chemicals or toxins. Bluetector AG was founded in 2012 by the wastewater veteran David Din. Bluetector AG is a privately held company and has its office in the Technopark of Lucerne, Switzerland.