Bluetector receives new purchase order for manure treatment system from pig farmer

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Another pig breeding farm in Germany has ordered a BlueBox Ultra from Bluetector for manure treatment with a capacity of 60 tons of manure per day. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in 2020.

Bluetector Manure Treatment 60 tons per day, Germany

Bluetector Manure Treatment 60 tons per day, Germany

The BlueBox Ultra has been specially developed for the biological treatment of manure and fermentation residues and works the same way as a municipal wastewater treatment plant. In the bioreactor of the BlueBox Ultra, the manure is converted into water, which contains only traces of nitrogen and phosphorus and is therefore ideally suited for irrigation. Since nitrogen and phosphorus are almost completely removed, only very small surfaces are required for application. The BlueBox Ultra eliminates the need for expensive and environmentally harmful manure transports, where manure sometimes has to be transported over hundreds of miles.


About Bluetector
Bluetector is an agritech company that has developed a novel, low-cost biological purification process for manure and fermentation residues. Bluetector was founded in 2012 by David Din, a serial entrepreneur in the field of wastewater treatment. Bluetector AG is a privately owned company based in Technopark Lucerne in Switzerland.