Umweltcluster Bayern Bluetector Güllebehandlung

Manure treatment company Bluetector accepted as a member of the Bavarian Environmental Cluster

Bluetector News

The Swiss agri-tech company Bluetector has been accepted as a new member of the Bavarian Environmental Cluster. The members benefit from the strong network of the environmental cluster.

Umweltcluster Bayern Bluetector Güllebehandlung

Umweltcluster Bayern Bluetector Güllebehandlung


„The Bavarian market with its many farmers and biogas plants is extremely important for us,“ explains David Din, founder and CEO of Bluetector. „For this reason, membership in the Bavarian Environmental Cluster is of strategic importance to us.“ Already next year the first Bluetector plants for the treatment of manure and fermentation residues are to be installed and put into operation in Bavaria. „Our membership in the Bavarian Environmental Cluster brings us nearer to our customers. It is important for us to be in close contact with our customers,“ continues David Din.

The company’s product, the BlueBox Ultra, is ideally suited for the biological treatment of manure and fermentation residues. In the bioreactor of the BlueBox Ultra, the manure is converted into water, which contains only traces of nitrogen and phosphorus and is therefore optimal for irrigation. As nitrogen and phosphorus are almost completely removed, only very small areas are needed for spreading. The BlueBox Ultra eliminates the need for expensive and environmentally harmful manure transports, where manure sometimes has to be transported over hundreds of kilometres.

Alfred Mayr, Managing Director of the Bavarian Environmental Cluster, is delighted about Bluetector’s membership and is convinced that the cooperation will have a positive effect on both institutions – for example through the cluster working group „Decentralised Wastewater Treatment“. The cluster working group has set itself the goal of being a platform for exchange with reference to the Bavarian region and beyond, to establish contact between companies, science, politics and authorities and to promote a cross-state exchange of information.



About Bavarian Environmental Cluster
The Bavarian Environmental Cluster is the network of the Bavarian environmental economy, the scientific community, local authorities and municipal enterprises and has over 200 members. It networks companies, science and research, municipalities and associations, politicians and chambers from Bavaria, Germany and the world. The aim of the Bavarian Environmental Cluster is to promote the competitiveness and value creation of the Bavarian environmental economy and thereby secure jobs in Bavaria for the future. It also supports Bavarian companies in entering international environmental technology markets.

About Bluetector
Bluetector is an agritech company that has developed a novel, low-cost biological purification process for manure and fermentation residues. Bluetector was founded in 2012 by David Din, a serial entrepreneur in the field of wastewater treatment. Bluetector AG is a privately owned company based in Technopark Lucerne in Switzerland.