Bluetector Manure Treatment

Swiss manure treatment technology to be launched in Germany

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The spreading of manure and fermentation residues on fields is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. The Swiss company Bluetector provides a simple and cost-effective remedy: Farmers and operators of biogas plants can treat the manure on their own farm and convert it into water with the BlueBox Ultra. This eliminates the need for expensive manure transports over sometimes hundreds of miles.

Bluetector Manure Treatment

Bluetector Manure Treatment


The container-based BlueBox Ultra is an inexpensive and energy-efficient way to completely clean manure and fermentation residues with a high-performance bioreactor. The BlueBox Ultra works exactly like a municipal sewage treatment plant. The only difference: the BlueBox Ultra has been developed for extremely high nitrogen concentrations. Therefore, it can also handle undiluted manure and fermentation residues.

The performance values of the BlueBox Ultra are remarkable: the nitrogen contained in the liquid manure is completely converted into elemental nitrogen by nitrification and denitrification, so that the cleaned liquid manure can be easily rained on even the smallest land area. Most of the phosphorus remains in the pressed sludge and can be used as valuable fertilizer.

Another advantage: since the BlueBox Ultra continuously cleans the manure and fermentation residues biologically, there is no need for large and expensive storage tanks.

The Bluetector system is also economical in operation: the electricity consumption for the treatment of one cubic metre of manure or fermentation residues is 13 – 15 kWh, which is only about EUR 2 – 3. The pH value of the liquid manure in the BlueBox Ultra bioreactor automatically adjusts to a neutral value – without the addition of chemicals.

The first approval procedures for biogas plants are currently underway in the German states of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The first four plants for manure and fermentation residue treatment are to be installed in Germany by the end of the year. From 2019 Bluetector expects a strong increase in sales figures and the expansion of sales into further countries.


About Bluetector
Bluetector is an agritech company that has developed a novel, low-cost biological purification process for manure and fermentation residues. Bluetector was founded in 2012 by David Din, a serial entrepreneur in the field of wastewater treatment. Bluetector AG is a privately owned company based in Technopark Lucerne in Switzerland.